MA630 Bandsaws

We have over 30 years experience! 

Built To Last - You’ll Never Need To Invest In Another Bandsaw!

The MA630 really is very resilient. We have sold machines that operate in the most testing environments day in and day out – only pausing to have a worn blade replaced. These machines are used throughout the world by thousands of satisfied customers!

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The MA630 was specifically designed for the raised access flooring industry, but it doesn't stop there, the MA630 will cut almost anything. If you need a solid, reliable and portable Band Saw, then there is only one option - the MA630.

The MA630 Portable Bandsaw can cut through:

  • Floor Panels
  • Slate Block
  • Steel Pipe
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Rail Panels

Technical Data:
600m Cut
150m Height

1500 x 735 x 200

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